Wellcome to the website of the V. Summer camp of the Shinkyokushin Martial Arts Federation of Hungary

Summer Camp schedule coming soon.

Camp’s organizer:

Senpai Tamás Fekete and Sensei Tibor Agócs

Contact details:

Organizer:Tamás Fekete

Mobile: +36 20 964 2839

E – mail: info@shinkyokushin.hu

Camp’s head instructor:

Shihan György Karmazin 5. Dan

Camp’s instructors:

Invited Japanese and Hungarian Kyokushin masters


1. Arrival into the camp: 28.06.2016, 15.00

Registration into the camp, registration in the dormitories, lunch.

Registration to the Dan exam at the organizers (registration and pay out the cost of the exam).

2. First training: 28.06.2016, at 17.00.

Daily trainings for adults: 06.00 - 07.00, 09.00 - 11.00, 17.00 - 19.00

3. Dan Grade exams: 02.07.2016, 09.00

All students who want to take a grade as per briefing note (application in advance) have to bring permission from their national’s representative with themselves.

4. Cost of the camp: Adults - 130 Euro, Children – 120 Euro (born in 2002 or later), this contains the costs ofthe meal and the accommodation.

(Transfer from the airport to the camp and back costs: 75 Euro - necessary to ask previously)

5. Pay: at arrival in cash

6. Leave: 03.07.2016 morning, after breakfast.

Application deadline for the summer camp: 12.06.2015 (contact: info@shinkyokushin.hu)


                                                Shihan György Karmazin 5. Dan President

                          Senpai Tamás Fekete 1. Dan and Sensei Tibor Agócs 3. Dan Camp’s organizer

Description of location:

  • Right on the waterfront of Lake Balaton
  • In one the most popular travel destinations on the south side of Lake Balaton, Balatonföldvár
  • With many sport and leisure possibilities
  • For a fraction of the cost of a typical Lake Balaton holiday, and with all services included

Balatonföldvár is one of the most popular lakeside towns on Lake Balaton. It has a history going back thousands of years, but it gained its stature at the end of the XIX century when it became a favourite holiday travel destination for the aristocracy, nobility, poets, writers as well as military personnel. Building on this tradition, Balatonföldvár is still a favourite tourist destination.

In the summer season there are many cultural, sport and festival events – concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, and national and international sailing competitions. In Balatonföldvár visitors do not have to pay for using the beaches or for parking. On the town beaches trained animators help make the time for you and your family fun.

The location of the camp is in the Hotel Riviera, only minutes from the town’s railway station and port in a 72.000 m2 park. The location of the hotel caters for the needs of all age groups, whether it be leisure, sports or free-time entertainment. There is free internet access in the hotel lobby.

The hotel park makes it possible to have daily outdoor training events. Since the park is made up of huge old trees, even on hot summer days it is possible to do training in the shade. In case of cold weather, trainings can be held in the rooms of the hotel or in the nearby primary school gymnasium.

On the hotel premises there are a number of free sport activities available: beach volley ball, trampoline, table tennis (indoor and outdoor tables), and badminton. For water sports, the hotel has a 400 m long private beach and just next to the hotel there is a surfing and sailing centre (www.multihulliganok.hu) as part of the town's newly renovated 'Eastern Beach' (Keleti Strand).

Further information:

  • The hotel can accommodate 360 – 380 people and is ideal for families as well as couples and individuals.
  • The distance from the city centre is 300 metres.
  • Shopping 300m, shopping centre 1500m.
  • Medical care: 300m.
  • Agility Park (Zamárdi): 5 km (www.zamardikalandpark.hu)

Military Park (Zamárdi): 3 km (www.zamardihadipark.hu)

Kultkikötő (Cultural events for children and adults daily): 300m (www.kultkikoto.hu)

Restaurants: 150m – 300m

Ferry boat to Tihany: 2km

Pictures about the city of Balatonföldvár and Hotel Riviera.



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